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                Company Profile

                     Established in 2012, Tsino-Dynatron Electrical Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. is a leading high-tech enterprise, which located in the Advanced Business Park of FengTai District, Beijing. Tsino-Dynatron, with power electronic technology as core, provides efficient and reliable products and solutions for the customers in electrical and energy fields by integrating advanced automation technology and through constant innovation and aims to be the leading company in these fields. We’re also committed to promote the industrial development and realize industrial upgrading by providing products featuring advanced control technology.



                R&D Team

                      Tsino-Dynatron owns an elite R&D team, of which core members have over 15 years of experience in R&D of related products. Meanwhile, Tsino-Dynatron sets up an advisory committee composed of senior interdisciplinary technical experts and professors, and forms a distributed innovation network by cooperating with famous universities and R&D institutions. We can provide customers with innovative products and solutions continuously by establishing prospective R&D route and technical platform.


                Marketing & Sales Team

                      Tsino-Dynatron sets up a professional market operation team, of which the members have been specialized in the promotion and application of drive and motion control as well as other automation products for many years, and own rich experience in market development in first-class domestic and foreign automation enterprises and the know-how in several main application industries. Upon their excellent ability and rich experience, we can master the market trend better and satisfy the customers in many aspects like product performance, efficiency, safety and so on.


                Quality Management System

                      From the beginning, Tsino-Dynatron has established a set of quality management system, including product R&D management, product manufacturing process and supply chain management, etc. We are constantly looking beyond customers’ expectations in order to provide professional technical service. Through continuous improvement, we also strive to fulfill our promise of providing international first-class products.

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